Favourite resources

A couple of things:

One. If you click the links and purchase (some but not all of) these products, I get paid a commission. Thanks. It keeps Surfacelanguages alive and growing.

Two. I’ve used, bought where necessary, enjoyed and recommend  all the resources on this page.

My favourite Italian resources


I subscribed and used ItalianPod101.com for six months or longer (I can no longer remember for how long) when I was starting out with Italian.

My favourite French resources

Français Authentique

I have bought and am using one of the language packs from Français Authentique. There is also a huge amount of free content. You need to have reasonable comprehension of make use of  Français Authentique and the associated products.

My favourite German resources

Assimil German

I love Assimil German. I’m (at the time of writing) on lesson 34.

Updates under Assimil Diary. German.

Favourite books. Exercise related

I’ve read most of these books on my Kindle. I’m not sure they are even available as tree books.

Body weight exercises

I am a huge fan of body weight exercises. You don’t need a gym, and you can become immensely strong. I bore my family and friends senseless talking about this type of exercise.

You don’t need to be young to do them. I’m in my fifties (only just mind you).

Al Kavadlo is the man.