Spanish idioms

A collection of Spanish idioms (including literal translations).

I slept badly. Me he pasado la noche en blanco.

Literally 'I passed the night in white'

in a mess. patas arriba
My life is a mess. Mi vida está patas arriba
The house is in a mess. La casa esta patas arriba.

Patas arriba literally means 'paws upwards', so 'My life is paws upwards'.

To not matter at all. Importar un pimiento
It doesn't matter to me who wins the elections. Me importa un pimiento quien gana las elecciones

Importar un pimiento Literally 'to matter/bother a pepper' giving 'it matters to me a pepper who wins the elections'.

To be in a bad mood. Estar de mala leche.

Literally 'to be with bad milk'.

To get up on the wrong side of bed. Leventarse con el pie izquierdo.

Literally 'to get up with the left foot'.

To be a chatterbox. Ser un loro

Literally 'to be a parrot'.

To be cramped. Estar como sardinas en lata

Literally 'to be like sardines in a tin

To be on all fours. A gatas.

Literally 'as cats'.

To have a snack Matar el gusanillo.

Literally 'to feed the little worm'.

To have bad luck. Hacer la negra.

Literally 'to do or make the black'.

To have the memory of an elephant Tener memoria de elefante.

Literally 'to have memory of an elephant'.

To have the memory of a goldfish. Tener memoria de mosquito.

Literally 'to have memory of a mosquito'.

We went a long way. Fuimos al quinto pino.

Literally 'We went to the fifth pine'

There is hardly anyone there. Hay cuatro gatos.

Literally 'there are four cats'.

It was Greek to me. Me suena a chino.

Literally 'it sounds like chinese to me'.