Spanish Sentences

You can learn to speak Spanish efficiently by learning the phrases and sentences used in day to day conversations.

These phrases (with audio, flashcards, and learning games) focus on the grammar and vocabulary you will need in basic conversations. The same sentences can be learnt using a simple spaced repetition system.

There are ten sentences in each unit. The first fifty units cover the present and past (mainly).

How many times have you started to learn Spanish but stopped?

Once? Twice? Many times?

Learning Spanish online is difficult, espcecially when there is so much conflicting information on the web!

So here is the deal:

In this post, how to learn Spanish I'm going to show you the five easiest and fastest ways to learn Spanish online.

And honestly:

Learning Spanish will change your life.

What you will learn

Can you learn Spanish faster with more structure?

The free Spanish sentences on Surface Languages will always be a useful starting point, but if you prefer more structure in your learning is extremely effective at both a beginner and intermediate level.

How to get good at Spanish

Walk and learn.
Podcasts. Learn while you walk. Mind and brain exercise.