New language learning game

I’ve added a new language language learning game to SL.

For the technically inclined it uses a mixture of jquery, javascript, ruby and html, and naturally took me longer to get working than I hoped. I have also discovered there is still one slight bug which I will iron out tomorrow. No doubt there will be more which I will track down and squash over time – probably to do with different scripts, cyrillic, arabic and the like …

For anyone else, I hope you enjoy using it. If you have any suggestions or improvements let me know. I’m going to spend some time over the next day or so improving, refining, bug fixing and adding this ‘Word Game’ to other areas of the site.

I also have audio for the European Portuguese which I will add anon.

Other News.

Our dog was weighed in the vet and discovered to have gained 0.5kg. Not too bad considering how greedy he is, but the vet indicated strongly that he needed to loose it again. He has a graph showing said hounds weight gain and loss over the past years.

He also had his kennel cough booster. Unfortunately, he remembered what it entailed from the previous year and really I don’t need to say much more than I’m now immunised against kennel cough, and it took three people to administer the booster. (Whoever decided that the  kennel cough vaccine had to be dribbled through a dogs nostril obviously hadn’t spent much time actually trying to administer it …)

Update on Polish coming soon ….







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