Italian Dictionary. Update

It is raining throughout Europe. We (the UK) are having to import wheat for the first time in a decade – (actually I’m gluten intolerant but it is not a good thing).

Wheat crops are being grubbed out and replaced with Barley – because of the rain.  And yet our politicians are still resistant to the concept of renewable energy. You know the sun, waves and the like. When will politicians learn that climate change is happening, and happening now?

We have a bunch of muppets running the UK.

And I’m being charitable.

Really, really charitable.

Additionally, there are paw marks all over the kitchen floor and a slug (quite a big one – probably driven inside by the inclement conditions outside).

Is there any good news?

Yes. I now have an Italian dictionary of around 500,000 words imported into a sqlite database.

This means among other things I can create Italian dictionary aps. But first things first, I’m going to create a dictinoary page on SL and write some neat code to access it and some cool dictionary related games.

Eat your heart out, branded dictionary people.



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