What next?

I’ve added a Romanian crossword and word search to the word games  page of Surface Languages.

I’ll add crosswords in other languages over the following weeks/months.

So what next for Surface Languages? 

In the near future would like to add Icelandic and also the audio for Albanian. Both of these should be easy enough to do. I should probably give myself some sort of time-scale for this to prevent dithering. But a leopard can’t change its spots …

And following on from this I could add more languages …

But I think that first (or maybe in conjunction) with this, I’m going to start implementing my *secret* project, which to give you a clue is to add substantially more to some of the existing languages.

Cat News

To totally change the subject, we have a cat, who goes by the name of Pinky. (He is male, but unfortunately the vet thought he was a she and hence the name).

He is old in cat years and heading towards 19. Unfortunately, he is becoming increasingly cantankerous or possibly dementing, and his nature has never been exactly what I would call sunny.

He woke us all last night with angry meows.  I’m going to record them next time and add them to this blog. Maybe someone who understand cat language can tell me what he is so cross about.



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