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Firstly, I’m in a better mood today. After a good nights sleep the world doesn’t look so grim.

So …… I’ve been working on my new website Polyglot People (another language learning site)  and I need to make a decision. I always have problems making decisions, or rather making decisions and then sticking to them.

The decision is do I,  or do I not force learners to progress in sequence through the lessons when using the above. Lesson one might be (it isn’t but could be) colours,  followed by (for example) lesson two describing things with colours and so on with each lesson logically following on from the previous.

I like this in principle but see how it might be annoying. I don’t like to be forced to do anything in a particular order (even if it makes sense), so should I really have a website which does the same?

Another option is that each lesson will allow you to learn (say) ten words, and it is up to you which lessons you choose and the order you do them in.

I had thought of adding something like this to Surface Languages but decided it wan’t a good fit, and so I’m intending to keep Surface languages as it is I.e. a way to learn phrases in millions (ahem fifty or so) languages.

Polyglot People could then be used in conjunction as a way to get a basic understanding of how a language fits together through basic sentences, or on its own, or of course not at all depending on whether or not you find it useful.

I … need … to … think ….



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  1. ‘The decision is do I, or do I not force learners to progress in sequence through the lessons…’, interesting MoonFace, since I never considered skipping over lessons out of numerical order. I always clicked in sequence, even if I had to re-learn the numbers in Spanish or French for the 20th time. I figured… that’s the way it’s done.

    But, I can understand why someone would want to skip to lesson 8… maybe a friend gave them a link to check out the words on lesson 8.

    Great site, Cheers…

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