Polyglot People

After a sleepless night I decided that forcing lessons to be done in sequence in Polyglot People  Polish Lessons (see later post) would be tedious for you my hypothetical reader/audience.

I want  Polyglot people  to allow more and not less choice. And so you can do any lesson at any time, however if you want a ‘tick’ for a lesson then you have to complete it. A picture is worth a 1000 words so if you want to have a butchers there is a functional (though without any content to speak of) demo over at PP.

My reasoning was that any website/language learning software is just a resource to be used as and when, and if that is the case (which it is) then you should be able to use any part of it as you feel fit.

There are a couple of bugs which I will fix tomorrow, and then dear reader,  I will add Icelandic phrases to this site. I’m also in the process of obtaining Belarusian audio.

And for all you dog owners out there, my dog has just been x-rayed, and  been found to have osteoarthritis. Poor chap. He is only seven. I think he better stop chasing squirrels for the duration. Also he is not allowed to go for a walk for the next day or so. This will make life difficult for all concerned.



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