Polyglot People

I’ve been working on Polyglot People  Polish Lessons (see later post)  over the last month or two, and have now finished the coding. As far as I can see everything works apart from the stats which don’t (as yet).

I”ve checked Polyglot People  using some of the phrases from Surface Languages for Polish, Italian and Russian, and more or less everything seems to be in order. Helpful comments much appreciated.

For those who are interested I picked Russian to check support for two scripts (Cyrillic and a romanized version), Polish to check diacritics (it has lots), Italian because I love the language and Spanish because I am going to add it first.

And so now I need content and will start with Spanish (as spoken in Spain) followed by Italian. No doubt there will be a few teething problems to iron out but such is the life of a programmer.

I can’t remember if I have already mentioned this but I f added Icelandic Phrases to Surface Languages. Audio to follow. I hope.




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