Polyglot People

Polyglot People is now working. There are no obvious problems. Naturally this doesn’t mean that there are no problems, rather that none have surfaced in my (somewhat cursory) testing.

So, if you like the content of Surface Languages but don’t like the layout, you might enjoy Polyglot People.

My attention span is quite low as is my boredom threshold,  attention to detail  and ability to focus on the same thing for any length of time (according to the Boss – who knows these things).

But we have to work with what we have got, and it appears that this is an aspect of my personality that I can’t change.

A result of said personality trait is that  I am always pleased to finish (even if only temporarily) a project , website or app and move onto the next BIG thing.

Temporarily as I will fix any issues that surface with Polyglot People and add new languages as and when I add them to Surface Languages. Doubtless I will improve the site further at some indeterminate point in the future.

Now back to the day job …



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