500 Sentences:) and iPhone Apps

Hi all and welcome to another wet and windy west country day.

There are damp paw marks on the carpet, paw marks on the bed (sigh) and paws have been cleaned on the carpet. Having a large dog in wet weather can be challenging.

At least the boss took said hound for a walk this morning.

Anyway I digress, I now have 500 sentences which I will have translated into Polish, Italian and Afrikaans. These are the first instalment of the ‘10,000’ sentences method of language learning which I want to add to Surface languages – described as  here.

I have also been playing with code for iPhone language apps which will be added here.  I’ll also spruce the page up which is looking metaphorically speaking rather shabby.

Considering that il tempo non e bello and in fact pogoda jest brzydka, pada deszcz I am in a surprisingly good mood.

Ciao for now.

Besos  2 all,


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