Spanish Sentences

Sup d0ods?

It’s been a while, and I hope you are all good.

I’ve just added a large number of professionally translated Spanish sentences to Surface languages. There is no audio as yet, but it will come along shortly – over the next month or so.  I’m all for learning sentences in different languages. I find it therapeutic and it increases my vocabulary, but there we go.

I intend over time to add sentences in different languages and these are the languages which I will add first (as and when):

French/Afrikaans/Portuguese European/Catalan/English/Russian/Maltese.

You will notice that I’ve included English. All the sentences are the same and there is no reason that with a bit of jiggery pokery, and waving of hands, it shouldn’t be possible to learn Spanish through French, or English through Maltese and so on.

I hope to add this next year.

I’m also adding a new test. I’m not giving any clues, but I’m learning the numbers from one to ten in different languages. If nothing else, this should stave off dementia.

I read somewhere (and I loathe this sort of statistic) that 30% or so of people who set public goals achieve them. Well, this hasn’t worked for me as yet, but just in case :-

I’ve been at a good intermediate level in Spanish for years. I can chat and so on, but really I’ve not forced myself to improve and I’ve plateaued. I’m going to make a massive effort to improve and beak through to the next level.

Besos and baci.