My language journey and general incompetence

Sup doods?

Every month I’m been setting myself some sort of language related goal, and attempting to  reach it.

I’ve also written these down (to the right somewhere).

It turns out that it is very enlightening. Partly because I don’t often  attain these goals and partly because I dither and flit with languages.

To be fair, I’m not particularly bothered with this, as playing with language is just one hobby among others, but it is slightly galling to be constantly making the same mistakes, and showing a startling lack of self-awareness.

This year I’ve dithered with French, Afrikaans and Polish, and so it should come as no surprise to anyone who reads this, that I’ve made yet another language related decision.

I’m going to learn German and improve my French. Of course, I state this, look at my somewhat checkered past, and wonder why I bother.

The thing is that I do have a reason and eventual aim, both things that have been lacking with my language learning year to date.

I’m planning (or rather the boss is planning) to spend three weeks wandering through France, Italy and Germany in roughly two years.

I don’t speak any German and would like to reach a B2 level.

I understand French well (ish) but can’t speak more than a few words, and would like to reach a B2 level as well.

Is this possible?  I’m sure it is possible for some people, but is it possible for me. Do I have the necessary mental fortitude and general stamina.

On the plus side of things, I have a time-scale and an aim. On the negative side, I have to contend with my poor organisational skills, lack of attention to detail and inability to finish what I have started.

As to Polish, I still love you all but you’re going to have to wait your turn.

Besos & Baci,


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2 Responses to My language journey and general incompetence

  1. Ants says:

    We feel for you MF. Have you tried spending just 30 minutes a day studying, rather than committing hours of mental drudgery thinking about what you wish to accomplish…?

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