What next?


I woke up bright and early today (not by choice), and wondered as I lay there what next for me?

No doubt a lot of people are thinking the same. Another year. Another lockdown. The same pandemic. Limited employment prospects.

OK. Well, I can’t control that but I can control the content of this blog and Surface Languages.

Surface languages will continue as before and I will add bits ‘n pieces as and when something tickles my fancy, such as the Dalmatian language or Lingua Ignota.

My language learning goals will continue as before, that is an interest but not something that dominates my time.

The water butt automation project will continue (as will the yet to be mentioned woodshed building project),

But what of this blog?

Up until now, I have mainly written about languages, but this has always been a bit of an uneasy fit for me.

It has felt a bit limiting.

I give you fair warning, that as well as including my thoughts on languages, Latin parsing and so on, from hereon in, this blog will include politics, law, automation, programming, crosswords, gardens, pandemics, brexit …

Let’s pretend it is a diary.

Think Samuel;)

Besos, baci i pax,


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