And now I know!


I don’t know if you remember, but I was recently musing on whether or not I should continue learning Croatian. The very fact of putting pen to paper helped me make my decision, which is to park it for a while or until we have some concrete plans to visit the country.

And so what now?

Obviously I have a new language project:-


I have set myself the gentle goal of reaching an A1 level in Welsh by the end of the year. This is more than achievable.

But won’t you miss Croatian?

Yes I will:( The thing is that without a definite goal (e.g. a visit, friends I can practice with etc), my motivation stalls and my attention wanders.

So back to the subject of Welsh!

I’m not Welsh. I did however have a Welsh speaking (or understanding) grandmother (who I never met), and my mother was born in Cardiff.

It follows that Welsh should have been one of my languages by default, so I can reclaim a little bit of my language heritage.

The only word that remains having passed down the generations is ych y fi (yuck), and its time to build on that.

Dw i’n mynd i dysgu Cymraeg:)

Knowing where to put the emphasis on the word gwasanaethau will also be a bonus. I’m not going to tell you why it is important, but if you need a clue think motorways.

In other news, having finished building a (large) woodshed and decent raised bed, I’m going to build a water feature of some sort. Our garden isn’t that big (13 x 6 metres) so planning is key.

Still, I’ve always wanted to have a …

… stream.

I’m an ex-automation engineer remember:) And I have an extremely large solar panel and controller to make use of …

Pictures to follow at some point.

And on that thoughtful note, I bid you farewell.

Baci ‘n besos,


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