Android language Apps

I’ve recently added a large number of apps for the iPhone (and iTouch) to Surface Languages.

I’m tempted to tidy up, generally improve and add some additional languages to the  android equivalents.

However,  there are some barriers to be overcome before I do this. In essence I can’t remember how I programmed the apps initially, so I would have to find (gulp) and ‘get my head around’ the code.  I would then need to change it, improve it and so on and so forth.

I  would also have to re-install and get to grips with the Android development environment.

Tedious. I have better things to do with my day.

But on the positive side, there is no need to go through any kind of approval process with Android Apps, and this definitely makes life easier.

I might wait and see how the iPhone apps perform, and then decide.



iPhone Apps

Well, the first of my free iPhone/iTouch apps are now on the App Store (Greek and Afrikaans).

I started with Afrikaans (cos it begins with the letter A), and followed with Greek to check the code worked with two scripts. (The Greek alphabet and a romanised version).

I’ll link to them here over the next few days. If you want to find them *now* search for ‘Surface Languages’ on the App store.   (And give them five stars!).

Italian, Maltese, Polish, Romanian, Swahili, Welsh are also going through the process as we metaphorically speak and so (fingers crossed/touch wood) should appear soon.

Happy days.

Pax, Besos and Ciao for now.


iPhone Language Apps

I’ve been promising to write some iPhone Apps with similar content to Surface Languages for some time, but what with one thing and another (walking the dog, working … ) I’ve never got around to it.

Until now. The nights are drawing in. The days are becoming shorter. It is raining.  And here in the West Country I have been busy coding – as the great outdoors isn’t massively appealing this time of year.

So, largely due to the inclement weather, the first of the Apps is now going through the somewhat capricious Apple submission process.

This (all being well) takes between one and two weeks, unless the App is rejected at which point the process starts again. You fix the problem. You resubmit your App (returning to the back of the queue).  You wait. This can be tedious.

Once the first App (Afrikaans) has been accepted, I’ll add more. So tell the cool kids. Fan the flames of publicity and so on.

I’m going to add the link to each App here as and when they are in the App store. And cast your eyes to the right – where I’ve added a link to the iPhone App page.