Greek words with English derivations

A good free resource for learning the Greek language is FSI-Greek.

Unfortunately, the audio is spoken quickly, which while good for comprehension is not very helpful when you are first starting to learn Greek vocabulary.

This list of English words with Greek derivations contains mainly words found in the FSI-Greek course. The Greek transliterations are fairly loose.

The derivations are mainly based on www.etymonline an online Dictionary of etymology, the Oxford Shorter English Dictionary and Oxford Dicionary of Etmyology.

Any mistakes are mine. Let me know on moonface at surfacelanguages dot com.

Greek Transliteration Derivative Translation
δίψα thipsa dipsomania thirst
δίψω thipso dipsomania I am thirsty
κρύος krios cryogenic cold
μέλι meli mellifluous by way of Latin mel, mellis honey
γάλα gala galaxy (milky way) milk
μεγάλοςmegalos mega - (megalith, megacity) large
μικρόςmikro micro - small
πολύpoli many - polyhedron several
ταξίδιtaxithi taxi - maybe trip
πρώτοςprotos proton first
βαλίτςα valise valitsa suitcase
κόσμος cosmos cosmos people