My first post. Languages, programming, dogs and musings.

This is my first post (the clue being in the title), or more accurately my first post on a blog hosted on

As this is my first post, I feel compelled to set out what this blog is about. Obviously languages. A blog attached to SL would have to have some language related component. I find languages interesting.

I also find programming interesting. And so it was natural, after numerous false starts to create a language learning website, and also a place where I chart my own language learning journey, as well as general witterings about life, programming and so on.

Programming. Surface languages is powered by Ruby on rails, and this blog by word press. At some point, I will describe the tedious process of making them play nicely together, and adventures with my Raspberry Pi.

And dogs. I have a dog. Every morning, come rain or shine, we walk together and while I talk (generally when no-one can see me), he chases sticks, and that way I put my thoughts in order.

Musings. Anything else that springs to mind. Language related or otherwise.






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