Well. This wasn’t part of the plan

Sup doods?

I recently moved Surface Languages onto a new server. I didn’t do this for fun, and it wasn’t.

As part of the process, I discovered that I had lost my old blog.

All gone.

WordPress has various backup, import and export options but after an hour or two or fruitless and needlessly irritating failure to re-install my previous pearls of wisdom, I thought …

… what are you doing?

What have you ever written that is so important is must be kept for ever?

It also occurred to me that having lost my old blog, I could conveniently forget about my objectives for this year.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

As this is a starting again, and a renewal of sorts, it seems apt to tell you, dear reader about what I wish to write:

languages and language learning.

the West Country (where I live).

sundry stuff and nonsense.

I will also reinvent myself as a more dynamic and driven individual and language learner;)

But then I slept on it, and realised that all I needed to do was wave a magic wand, and everything would be ok.

And, behold all my old posts have returned!!

But fear not, I will continue with the process of reinvention.

Besos and baci,


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2 Responses to Well. This wasn’t part of the plan

  1. Maria says:

    Dear Surface Language creator. Yes I too go around in Circles with my efforts but there are so many languages out there and I’d love to use them ALL. . Well the ones of any foreign folk I am fortunate to meet.
    I have recommended your site to many friends too.
    I’ve pinched some Bulgarian Finnish Portugese and a lot of Czech. Depends on who I meet especially on holiday.
    English is so well used now that it would be IMPOSSIBLE to answer everyone in their own younger. We are not lazy learners. I have a Big Bag of many Hellos. . Goodbyes and Thank yous so I need never be stuck.
    Thank you once again for ALL your hard generous work.
    My mother was Cornish and my father was a Czech.
    I was born in Bristol so picked up on you Babbers!!

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