I make wicked Jerk Chicken

It’s true.

I was taught by someone who knows about these things. The problem with people who know about these things, in this case cooking something regularly is that they do it by instinct.

You have to get a feel for the ingredients and how they go together before you can guarantee success.

The original recipe will vary depending on what is in the house, the mood of the cook and size of the teaspoon. It is only in books that recipes are static, boring things set in concrete.

So for jerk chicken:

Just add a teaspoon, or maybe a teaspoon and a half of black pepper.

Thyme is very important.

And pimiento peppers. Pimiento peppers? Any particular type?

And so on.

Despite the detailed instructions, it took me at least ten attempts to make it taste as it should. I was adding too much thyme. Thyme has a disproportionate effect on the overall flavour. This is counter intuitive considering the numerous cloves of garlic needed.

I also make a similarly good lamb or goat curry. The ingredients are similar and I finally have a feel for the quantities needed. No accurate measuring for me.

Rice and peas have so far eluded me.

I might give that a go next week.

Besos, baci et Pax.


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