Romanian articles

Romanian has three genders, masculine, feminine and neuter. The article (definite and indefinite) depends on the noun gender.

This is a nuisance in Romanian because unlike the other romance languages, it has retained the neuter gender from Latin, and it is not immediately obvious to which gender a noun belongs.

A couple of rules

Words ending in a consonant are in general masculine or neuter.

Nouns ending in ă or a are feminine, as are most nouns ending in e.

Feminine nouns end in a vowel.

There are many varied and detailed rules which can be found in this Romanian grammar.

Indefinite articles. Singular

These are straightforward (provided you know the gender of a noun) with un 'a' being used with masculine and neuter nouns, and a with feminine nouns.

a dog (masculine) un câine
a cat (feminine) o pisică
a hotel (neuter) un hotel

Definite articles. Plural

To form definite article in Romanian, the endings below are added to the plural of the Romanian noun depending on its gender :

masculine nouns plural + i
feminine nouns plural + le
neuter nouns plural + le