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SurfaceLanguages contains thousands of words, sentences, phrases and expressions covering a wide variety of situations in many different foreign languages. Each subject contains sentences and phrases (with audio) which are relevant to the situation described.

Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic

Belarusian , Bosnian, Bulgarian

Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech

Danish, Dutch


Finnish, French

German, Greek

Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian

Icelandic, Italian

Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian

Macedonian, Maltese


Polish, Portuguese - Portugal, Portuguese - Brazil

Romanian, Russian

Slovak, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish

Tagalog, Turkish

Ukrainian, Urdu



Where a language has its own alphabet or script (e.g. russian which uses the cyrillc alphabet or Greek using the Greek script), you can choose to learn the language using the native alphabet or a romanised version.

The romanised version of the alphabet attempts to mimic the sounds of the native language as closely as possible.

You can choose between the scripts from Options. This is only visible where a language has a non-roman alphabet.

Learn languages through sentences

A very effective method of improving fluency and expanding vocabulary in a language is through learning sentences. Each language has around 500 sentences, audio and flashcards.

Afrikaans sentences
Bulgarian sentences
Italian sentences
Lithuanian sentences
Polish sentences
Romanian sentences
Russian sentences
Spanish sentences

These further sentences, are sentences that I have come across when speaking the languages that I am learning and are more idiosynchratic and often more colloquial. These are in general not the type of sentences that you are likely to find in a phrasebook, either because of the content of because I'm trying to remember a particular grammatical point or word.

Italian, Spanish.

Most common words

Speed up the learning process by learning the highest frequency words first.

French, Italian, Polish, Spanish.


Some basic beginner language courses along with audio.

French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil)

Proverbs, Maxims and Sayings

I have always enjoyed using proverbs, partly for the kernel of knowledge contained and partly because they are neat. They also contain insights into culture. The same can be said for idioms.

Thes are sayings and proverbs I have come across in my ramblings and which particuarly appeal to me.

Latin, Spanish, Yiddish.

If you have any favourite proverbs or sayings in any of the world languages, drop me a line here and I will add them.

More languages?

See news for the latest changes, additions, languages and apps added. Or my blog for what may be added to SL in the future, and other musings.