Yiddish is a High German–derived language historically spoken by the Ashkenazi Jews with its origins from Central Europe in the 9th century.

There are somewhere between 1 and 2 million speakers.

Basic Yiddish phrases Learn

Hundreds of Yiddish phrases ordered by topic.

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Grammatical points

Adjectival agreements, Illustrative sentences. 1, Illustrative sentences. 2, Plural nouns. Examples, Possessive adjectives, Questions. Examples, Verbs.

Yiddish verbs

Learn Yiddish verbs such as 'zayn' (to be), 'hobn' (to have) and 'lebn' (to live).

And a basic Yiddish grammar.

Yiddish proverbs

Bay nakht zaynen ale ki royt By night, all cows are black.


Yiddish proverbs
Phrases by topic. Hundreds of Yiddish phrases ordered by topic.
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