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Portuguese is a romance language, originating in Portugal, and one of the first to spread outside europe. It is spoken by approximately 250 million speakers, the majority in Brazil. There are two main dialects European and Brazilian.

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Portguese Language

Portuguese is a Romance language therefore it is rooted in Latin. English also acquired many Romance words as it drew directly and indirectly upon Latin sources, and, like Portuguese, added continuously to its vocabulary from classical sources and neighbouring languages.

There is therefore a huge supply of Portuguese words that are immediately recognisable to the English speaker, words such as problema, area, figura, delicioso, especial and generoso. The list of similar words increases as soon as you realize that the ending –dade is equivalent to –ity, as in electricidade, and -izar is equivalent to –ize, as in nacionalizar, ‘to nationalize’, while, less obviously, –ção is equivalent to –tion.

The Lords Prayer in Portuguese

See the Lords prayer in Galician for a comparison with Galician, Corsican and Italian.

Pater Noster/ Pai Nosso

Pai Nosso que estais nos céus,
santificado é o Vosso nome,
venha a nós o Vosso reino,
seja feita a Vossa vontade,
assim na terra como no céu.
O pão nosso de cada dia nos dai hoje,
perdoai-nos as nossas ofensas,
assim como nós perdoamos a quem nos tem ofendido.
E não nos deixeis cair em tentação,
mas livrai-nos do mal.

This version of Pai Nosso came from Mary's rosaries.


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