Learn Italian

Learn Italian phrases and sentences by selecting the phrases that you want to learn from the list.

These cover a wide variety of Italian topics, including the numbers in Italian, Italian days, Italian greetings and the months in Italian. Listen to and copy the native speech, and learn with flashcards.

Learn phrases

Learn hundreds of Italian holiday phrases covering topics from greetings to travel. They all have audio (recorded by a native speaker with a neutral accent), and tests using flashcards.

Italian sentences Learn Italian through sentences. Five hundred useful Italian sentences designed to give you a good basic conversational vocabulary.

Italian language. Fluency and how to achieve it

This is a big one isn't it. Everyone wants to obtain it. But what does fluency mean anyway? The only way to become fluent in any language is hard work, and time. You don't need to pay to become fluent in Italian. You don't need to buy a course. There is a lot of quality content available for free.

Learning the most common Italian words, some Italian phrases and 500 sentences is a good starting point.

Italian language learning games

As well as the flashcards for the Italian phrases on the right, there are additional learning games for colours, days, fruit, months, numbers and vegetables.

Test whether you know the difference between a pera and mela, cetriolo from a pomodoro, can count from uno to dieci and know nero from bianco.

Colours Fruit Months Numbers. 1 to 10 Numbers. 1 to 20 Vegetables

Most Common Italian Words

Learn five hundred of the most common italian words used in day to day speech. The audio was recorded by a native Italian speaker with no regional accent.

Most commonly used words

Increase your Italian Vocabulary with word games

Use the word games to practice and increase your Italian vocabulary.

Word search (easy), Word search (intermediate)

Crossword (easy), Crossword (intermediate)

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Fluency and beyond Recommendations to help you become fluent in Italian.

A lot of quality Italian content available for free, such as these five hundred conversational Italian Sentences covering essential vocabulary, or the frequently used words in spoken Italian on Surface languages.

Italian automatico. A great site (with mainly free) as well as paid resources for intermediate Italian language learners. Also with a large number of (entertaining) videos on youtube. Many of these have subtitles.