Italian (italiano), or lingua italiana, is a romance language with 67 million speakers and and spoken as a second language by 13.4 million people. It is the second most widely spoken native language in the European Union.

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Increase your Italian Vocabulary with word games

Use the word games to practice and increase your Italian vocabulary.

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Italian language. Fluency

This is a big one isn't it. Everyone wants to obtain it. But what does fluency mean anyway? The only way to become fluent in any language is hard work, and time. You don't need to pay to become fluent in Italian. You don't need to buy a course (but it might help). There is a lot of quality content available for free.

Learning the most common Italian words, some Italian phrases and 500 sentences is a good starting point.


Recommendations to help you on your journey towards fluency in Italian.

Italian automatico. A great site (with mainly free) as well as paid resources for intermediate Italian language learners. Also with a large number of (entertaining) videos on youtube. Many of these have subtitles.