Learn Tagalog

Learn Tagalog phrases and sentences by selecting the phrases that you want to learn from the list. These cover a wide variety of Tagalog topics, including the numbers in Tagalog, Tagalog days, Tagalog greetings and the months in Tagalog all with audio.

Tagalog phrases

A few first words. 1, A few first words. 2, Buying things. General phrases, Colours, Communication problems, Conversation. General. Introductions, Conversation. Small talk, Conversation. Small talk. The weather, Countries and nationality, Days of the week, Directions. 1, Eating phrases, Emergencies, Family, Food and drink. At the bar or café. 1, Food and drink. At the bar or café. 2, Food and drink. At the bar or café. 3, Fruit and Vegetables. 1, Fruit and Vegetables. 2, Getting around. 1, Getting around. 2, Health and at the chemist, Months of the year, Numbers. 1 to 10, Numbers. 11 to 20, Numbers. 20 to 100, Parts of the body, Sightseeing, Somewhere to stay. 1, Somewhere to stay. 2, Telling the time.

Tagalog language learning games

As well as the flashcards for the Tagalog phrases there are additional learning games for colours, days, fruit, months, numbers and vegetables.

Test whether you know the difference between a manzana and naranja, lechuga from a guisante, can count from uno to diez and know negro from blanco.

Colours Fruit and Vegetables. 1 Fruit and Vegetables. 2 Months Numbers. 1 to 10 Numbers. 1 to 20

Tagalog nouns

Learn some common Tagalog vocabulary with flashcards and multiple choice.

Common nouns


Tagalog is spoken by 28 million speakers living in the Philippines either as a first or second language. It is the first language of around a quarter of the population and used as a lingua france throughout the Philippines. The standardised form of Tagalog is Filipino.

Tagalog has many loan words from Spanish. Obvious examples are the Days and Months in Tagalog which are very similar to the in Spanish.

English loan words also occur frequently during daily use.

It was known as Bohemian in English (until the 19th century) after the region Bohemia, itself taking its name from the tribe Boii.

Related languages

Tagalog is a Central Philippine language within the Austronesian language family and is related to (among others) :

Malagasy, Malagasy, Javanese, Indonesian, Malay, Tetum, Tao

as can be seen in the wikipedia entry.