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Welsh travel phrases. Train and bus

So, there you are, travelling from Cardiff to Aberystwyth, a journey which according to google maps could take you over five hours, and you wonder how to pass the time?

And of course, as you are travelling at a sedate pace (mainly in Wales as you might change in Carmarthen or Shrewsbury), your thoughts turn to the Welsh language.

And even more naturally, you think about Welsh phrases;)

Phrases are an interesting way to look for simple grammar patterns, and also to learn common vocabulary.

Faint o'r gloch mae'r bws yn gadael? 'What time does the bus leave?' and Faint o'r gloch fydd y bws yn cyrraedd? 'What time will the bus arrive?' are two good travel related examples.

Apart from the grammatical construction (see below), high frequency words from these two phrases are:

Faint o'r gloch 'What time?'.

gadael 'to leave'.

cyrraedd 'to arrive'.

The Welsh sentence mae'r bws yn gadael ... is a basic and very, very common Welsh grammatical construction explained in the welsh grammar.

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