Learn languages through sentences

Learning languages by learning complete sentences, is, in the jargon, l33t.

There are thousands of Sentences in various languages on surface languages. These are free, and though I say it myself, fantastic.

There is audio and a basic spaced repetition system on Surface languages. But what if you want more?

And what if you want to learn more sentences?

Well I used to recommend Glossika but nowadays would say (if the language exists on Surface languages), just use the sentences on this site and then decide.

Still, if you really want to spend money, and absolutely must have thousands of sentences as mp3's then Glossika is pretty good, and I think there is still a free trial.


In brief, Glossika is a series of several thousand sentences in mp3 format, which together cover a very wide range of grammar and vocabulary. These are learnt using a spaced repetition system.

There is (as far as I know) no other equivalent product on the market.

I have bought both the Glossika Italian and Polish versions, and know that they are an extremely effective way to improve your language learning efficiency.

They are not suitable (in my opinion) until you have learnt some of the language. If you are a complete beginner, hold off until you have studied for a while.

You can also try the Sentences on Surface languages. These have the advantage of being free, and disadvantage that you can't listen to them on the go.

For what it's worth I have a day job, and am gradually removing affiliate links from Surface Languages ...