Sup dood? FYI you are visitor number to this page?

I'm moonface, and surface languages is my virtual palace.

I'm not actually, really called moonface in real life. You know that thing you have to do when the internet isn't working.

It was insinuated that I have a round face, a patent lie, but nevertheless my wife has insinuated that my face is round, or perhaps moon shaped.

It is normal to have an internet persona, rather like your facebook one, you know, yachts, piles of cash lying around, models strewn over your enormous grounds, but mine, well is moonface.

Getting back to the crux, I wanted to do the same on Surfacelanguages - have an internet persona. Come across as suave, sophisticated, intellectual even. The sort of person who could discuss kulture etc. The sort of person who could throw in witty cultural anecdotes and the rest.

It turns out that I can't. I can't write like that. Mainly because I'm not like that. I find languages interesting because I like chatting and reading trivial shit. Or just stuff that I find funny.

My real name is not actually a secret, it's on this site in various places, but I've grown used to using moonface in the virtuality (real word but maybe you heard it here first).



It has a certain ring to it. A certain panache. A certain ... roundness.

Names and naming aside, languages interest me, which is why I run, maintain, and generally play about with SurfaceLanguages during my spare time.

I like languages, and also I am or maybe was a programmer - but that's a story for a rainy day, and under the not so secret guise of moonface, I scatter my pearls of wisdom across this site.

My fingerprints are everywhere and nowhere.

Oh and I almost forgot, as I am particularly interested in Croatian, Italian, French, Latin and Spanish my pawprints are very much over those pages.