My language journey

Surface languages is run by a single individual of slightly dubious provenance, and that is Moonface.

And these pages, over time, will describe my various linguistic adventures.

I have many positive qualities. However according to my wife I also have what can only be described as certain failings viz:

- a reluctance to take responsibility.

- an inability to finish things.

- not good at working in a team (not relevant here but probably fair).

- lack of focus (although this probably overlaps with the next).

- an ablility to become distracted easily.

It is difficult to disagree with this assessment which is kind of like an inverse C.V.

The relevance of this character assessment, is that although I've played around with languages for years, I've flitted from language to language, with a definite lack of focus.

There is nothing wrong with that as I play with languages in my spare time as a hobby, but equally it would be more satisfying to achieve something with my time.

And so I have added these pages to encourage myself to be a bit more directed.


Moonface. May. 2016