I’m learning Italian and …

… it gives an insight into my (probably) flawed decision making process.

I’m learning Italian which is why the first dictionary I added is  an Italian dictionary. (The next will probably be Polish – for the same reason).

This is probably not a good reason for deciding which dictionaries to add, and in what order. Plan to fail or fail to plan?! Hmm.

Anyway, I’m happy, the weather is good, paws are clean, and I think (to improve) my Italian, Surface Languages needs the following three ‘dictionary’ games to be added:

1. A  Word making type game like this 🙂 As I already know how to do this, I’ll do it first.

2. A word search type game. Quite therapeutic and I think easy to add.

3. And this is the what I really want to add an Italian crossword based on the dictionary. I imagine there are all sorts of complexities to iron out with this. I’ve never written crossword/dictionary code before.

I can’t wait …



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