Eat your own dog food …

I’ve always liked this expression. It is used in some parts of the computing world, and means that you use your own products both to demonstrate their quality and to discover bugs and son on.

So, I am about to eat my own dog food … as opposed to my dogs’ food.

And by dog food, I am referring to the Italian crossword maker which I’ve recently added to Surface Languages.

It works!

It is complete 🙂

But there some glaring bugs 🙁

And doubtless some others which are more subtle! It is those that ‘dogfooding’ will discover. And in the meantime help me revise some Italian vocabulary.

An example of (a more subtle bug):

One across was Pasqua (Easter) and one down was paradiso (paradise). I had forgotten to convert all words to lower case and so program considered P and p as different characters. This meant that you could never enter the correct answer for both words. Ho. Hum. Frustrating for those solvers.

I will be eating my own dog food in the heat, as the temperature here in the West Country is about 30 degrees. Naturally, we don’t have air conditioning as we spend more time shivering than sweating, and all the shops have sold out of fans. It makes a change from rain but I’m walking our hound ridiculously early in the morning so neither of us over-heat. Chasing a ball in 30 degrees is no fun ..

tempus omnia revelat



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