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Well. I now have translations (and explanations) for the first of two new free language learning courses which I am adding to Surface langs. They are for Italian and Polish.

You can see the beginning of the free Italian language course. I’ve only added the first few lessons and there is no audio (yet). The Italian and Polish audio   will be coming soon.

These will be the best yet that I have added to Surface Languages, and I would love feedback.

So e-mail me with ideas/kind words etc.

Assimil Polish. Update. Lesson 13

Luckily for me,  lesson 13 mainly contained words that I already knew as I have been struggling to remember lesson 12.

I’m writing a list of words that I can’t remember  and glancing at them periodically.

There seem to be one or two in each lesson which flash into and then immediately out of my mind – such as posprzatać  ‘to clean’.  By the way, the a in posprzatać should have a diacritic, but I can’t add it in the normal apple way by holding a key down and selecting among one of several. Strangely, the particular a required in omitted.



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