Coming soon … ! Probably …?

A new language course is almost ready to be added to Surface Languages!

The first part  French language course is almost complete. I’ve not linked it into the main French page as it isn’t finished, but you can see the contents.

As yet, there is no audio!. This will arrive soon, and so I hope by the end of next week another course will be finished.

Spread the word. Tell the cool kids!

I don’t know any cool kids, as I’m kind of a geek. But if I did I’d tell them, so that they could get into some language learning goodness.

Of course, the exact time-scale depends a bit what else is going on in my life.

As a part-time language learner, and webmaster real life often intrudes. I recently  mentioned that I had had to replace a tap – which is a simple example of the kind of things that take up  my free time.

But I now find myself wondering what I will add next to SurfaceLanguages?




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One Response to Coming soon … ! Probably …?

  1. Streit Eric says:


    thanks for your work;
    Some years ago, with a “friend”, we managed to create the shtooka web site. (
    Here you can download collections of words and some phrases to use on your website . The audio quality is good.
    They are free to use (see license on the website).
    The French part is quite interesting, but I can record some phrases if you want (and put them also on the shtooka site .. a bit dormant for the moment).
    My wife (from Kazakhstan) recorded most of the Russian vocabulary. (available on the same website).
    We do this all for free.
    Best regards and thanks again,


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