It is Sunday night and …

… full of wine and peace, I’m contemplating the important things in life.

Life should we have a second dog or not?

And if so, what type?

Alsatian, Labrador, Retriever or Saint Bernard?

My wife wants (and apparently always has wanted) a Saint Bernard. I have a certain sympathy with this point of view, and see all sorts of potential benefits. I mean, who wouldn’t want a dog like that? Especially with the cold weather that we seem to have nowadays.

However living in an end-of-terrace I fear this may be impractical. There is also the issue of drooling, and ahem well you know, cleaning up after something the size of a small elephant. ‘Poop bags’ as they are so delicately known only come in certain sizes.

My son and I (and yes kids this is the correct way to write this) both want an alsatian.

I think we will compromise. Watch this space.



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