Si annis multis vixerit homo …

Si annis multis vixerit homo et in his omnibus laetatus fuerit, meminisse debet tenebrosi temporis, et diorum multorum, qui cum venerint, vanitatis arguentur praeterita.

Well yes. A pithy quote from Ecclesiastes 11 which as I understand it, reminds us that most of what we do is meaningless. You can see a few translations here if you feel so inclined.

It is one of my favourites (I’m not religious but I have a print copy of the vulgate which I delve into from time to time), and reading this I thought to myself ‘hey moonface, it is about time you added a latin crossword to surface languages’.

To think is to act – which it probably shouldn’t be – and is as I have alluded to before on this blog a slight problem area. I should really plan more.

But anyway, I’ve added a Latin crossword to Surface Languages and very good it is to.

I just need to remove the settings button (which serves no function in this particular crossword), which dear reader I will do tomorrow.



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