More Surface Texts and soon paws for thought.

Hi doods and doodesses.

I happened to have a few hours peace and quiet today, so I thought I would continue with Surface Texts (a free foreign language reading website).

I’ve added some (basic) flashcards (woot), so I can actually start using the site and tweaking it in a more meaningful way. Hopefully I’ll finish these on Monday, and at some point in the future (when I have more peace and quiet) I’ll jazz them up a bit.

I want to have ST working before XmAs so that I can paws for a while to ponder on how it should look and what it should do.

I say ‘paws’ as the rain has led to big muddy paw prints all over our house from best boy (our dog). He has big paws which soak up water like sponges. It astonishes me how quickly he dries them on the carpet.


And apparently it is going to rain from 6 to 11 this evening. If I didn’t have another more pressing matter to attend to, I could probably finish the flash cards tonight.

But I have to cook a roast dinner, and doing this is rather like ‘a blind man, in a dark room, looking for a black cat, that isn’t there’ if you get where I’m coming from as it were. I mean, I like cooking, but not roast dinners. All the bits. It’s too fiddly by half.

I’ll probably get by, drinking the ChRiStMaS sherry and wine.



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