Polish Frustrations

I think Polish my have defeated me for the time being, and am considering taking a break in my attempts to learn it.

The problem I face is that I don’t really need it. In fact I don’t have any need to use it in my day to day life. I like it as a language, and I like how it sounds.

But …

… the languages I need are Spanish and of course English. Italian is handy for holidays and I hear a fair amount of Catalan spoken.

So what do I do? I like Polish. I really do, but I have no compelling reason to learn it. I am working in a vacuum as it were. It is not the kind of language you can dip in and out of, pick up without effort etc. It is difficult and requires time and dedication.

I have arrived at a point where I more or less understand how the language works, and how to construct a sentence.

I know that to make real progress I need to find conversation partners and start talking several times a week. I not sure that I have either the time or the motivation.

As I said, I am thinking of taking a break.



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