Well. This wasn’t part of the plan

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  1. Béla says:

    Kia Ora,
    Man+with+moon+shape+face (‘-‘)
    tee-hee-hee. 🙂
    I be (present tense) visitor “309” to see’th thy (archaic) web.
    Okay, enough of my silliness. I live in Aotearoa, (Land of the long white cloud), otherwise known as New Zealand having emigrated here from the UK in 1996, (oxford comma), and let’s not split hairs as to whether or not the term is ’emigrated’, or ‘immigrated’, since you guys say, ‘Tomaydo’, and we kiwis say, ‘Toe-mar-toe 🙂 and not only therein doth lie the difference, but also, the non-splitting of such hairs as these maketh all well in our friendly world of language learning. :-D)))
    And so, dearest Moonface, I just wanted to give you ✋✌for a great Android app and website. At present, my phone ( read as: crappy li’l Vodafone v695 … You’ve never heard of it, right? … Exactly! lol) I digress… Atm, my phone also serves as my PC, and such is my appreciation of your endeavours (no hair-splitting, remember!), that I’ve added your site to my homescreen for instant and permanent access. 🙂 Trust me — making it onto my homescreen is extremely high praise indeed… Not because I’m a retentive snob, but because the v695 has @%#-all space/mem! (‘n’ that’s despite having i stalled an Sd card. Okay, so now, that I’m rambling off-topic and onto apk extractors, bloatware and stuff that’s way over my Granny-aged head, (pause for breath), I will bid you a fond farewell – for now. Keep up the great work. Big Ups to you. Churr Bro’ (that’s your first bit of Kiwi ‘slang’. It means Thanks 🙂
    Kia kaha (Be strong)
    Ka kite ano. (Till see again)
    ps. Kia Ora, (Hello. Literal translation is Be alive.)

  2. Béla says:

    OMG!!! Ramble, ramble, ramble. My apologies to you Moonface. 🙂

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