Donde quedamos a comer?


OK. Call me stupid, and I can really offer no excuses, but I stared at this for ages, wondering what it meant.

And, yes, for all you Spanish speakers, I am well aware of the multiple uses of quedar and quedarse, but for some reason I had a complete mental block when staring at this.

Finally, the penny dropped, and I realised that it means, where shall we meet/go to eat?

And, you could, I suppose answer ‘donde quieras’.

So, and just to cement this in my memory “Donde quedamos a comer? Donde quieras tu”, and in English “Where shall we meet/arrange/go to eat’ followed by the answer “wherever you want”.

And, just to be pedantic (in case any pedant reads this), I am totes aware that ‘donde’ means ‘where’ and not ‘wherever’, but have taken a liberty on account of the subjunctive following.

As an aside, there is a programa sobre gastronomía with the title quedamos a correr.

Baci and Pax,


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