One Post a Day. Intro


I read somewhere , sometime about someone (this is vaguer than I would like), and I don’t mean Mr Pepys, who writes a thousand words a day and uses this as a means to practice writing.

I take my metaphorical hat off to this person.

As to me, well I’m not intending to write 1000 words a day, but I’m going to write something from Monday to Friday and see if it becomes a habit. I’m not setting myself a specific number of words as a goal, only to write something each weekday and see how it comes out.

It might be to do with languages if I have something particularly pressing to mention, or it might be totally unrelated.

For example, I made a totally wicked jerk chicken the other day. True:)

Or the government partied over Christmas while the rest of us didn’t.

You get the picture.

This is Day 1 of the Post a Day Series:)

Besos, Baci and Pax,


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