Buying metro tickets in Italy


Well, continuing with my Italian theme, here are some additional phrases and vocabulary for buying tickets on the metro, tube, subway or underground depending on where you are from.

Or la metropolitana or la metro if you are in Rome (and il metro if you live in Milan).

Phrase number 1:

Vorrei un biglietto per tutto il giorno

I’d like an all day ticket

And as we arrive at number 2, I have realised that I don’t fully understand how it is used but the key words are:

con dieci corse

with ten journeys (runs)

This is used to buy multi journey tickets (or ten to be precise). A ticket with ten journeys (which sounds clunky in English) is:

un biglietto con banda magnetica valido per 10 viaggi according to StartRomagna.

If you can be bothered to wade your way through the pages there is more information and no doubt relevant vocabulary.

Having glanced at StartRomagna, I’ll try asking for …

Carnet 10 corse

… and see where it leads.

In fact, there are macchinette so it’s unlikely to be necessary to actually talk to someone, but you never know.

Besos, Baci et Pax.


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  1. Crystal Kaulbars says:

    First, I LOVE this site and share it often. I hope I learn the languages I’d like to and am SO glad you have this site!!

    Second, just the editor in me, on the Latin front page, sieze s/b seize.

    Thank you for letting everyone learn!!

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