Who uses Surface languages?


I don’t normally look at the visitor stats for this site. This might sound strange, or unbelievable if you have a site yourself.

If you run a website, it’s easy and often dispiriting to obsess over numbers and what not.

I’m trying to keep Surface languages as a bit of fun. If I worry too much about who uses it, the fun would go and so would my motivation to *play* with it.

Anyway, I looked at the stats and there are over 100,000 visitors a month.

I didn’t exactly do any detailed analysis, except that the following jumped out at me.

It wasn’t the fact that seventy percent come and go within 30 seconds (as you would expect and as happens on most websites).

But what was so cool was this:

Sixteen percent of you spend more than fifteen minutes each visit.

That’s awesome! I mean really awesome.

Who are you and what are you looking at on Surface languages?

I don’t expect a response (as this blog isn’t a highly visited part of the site), but I’d love to know:)

Anyway, whoever you are, thanks for using my site.

Besos, baci et pax.


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2 Responses to Who uses Surface languages?

  1. Cate says:

    I found your site by accident on a link from amerigolab.com (an italian language course that appears to be free).

    I am so impressed! I am beginning Italian and I am B2ish in French. I come from Australia where the opportunities to speak French or Italian are somewhat limited.

    Your site looks extraordinarily useful. Appreciate all your hard work!

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