Language dabbling! Feb-Mar


Well, once again, I’ve found myself changing direction with the way I play with languages.

My issue has and always will be that of time and the number of languages that interest me. This isn’t helped by the fact that I find myself particularly busy at the moment.

And so, for the rest of February, March and April, I have become a language dabbler, apart from with two languages which are:

  1. My secret language.
  2. Spanish. My level of spoken Spanish has hovered between a B2 and C1 for years, and my comprehension is much higher.

I have decided (for now), to actually try and improve my spoken Spanish and reach C1.

I’m not trying to improve my other languages (although what I do changes with the wind), but I will maintain them by dabbling here and there.

The advantage of dabbling is that there is no particular stress involved, of setting yourself targets, booking iTalki lessons and so on. You can learn ten words, a hundred, read something, write a few sentences or listen to music/watch Netflix.

Besos et Pax.


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