Note to self


Read and listen to the news in French.

Read for pleasure in Spanish, French and Italian.

No English media consumption.

Apart from work related.

This is partly for language related reasons but mainly because I’m attempting to avoid UK politicians and politics.

The UK is (just) the sixth biggest economy in the world …

… but people can’t eat or heat their homes …

… and the extremely rich prime minister tells us ….

… there is no money.

Except …

… it’s a political choice not to have a more equitable taxation system.

BTW I don’t believe politicians are perfect elsewhere. It’s just that we (in the UK) have a particularly unimpressive bunch running the country (in the loosest possible sense) at the moment.

Besos, baci et pax,


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2 Responses to Note to self

  1. Johannes says:


    I am a native Afrikaans speaker. I attended Afrikaans school at a 4th grade level and continued speaking Afrikaans at home with my family after we moved to Australia. I recently tried to read Die Afrikaners: ‘n Biografie and I couldn’t get past the first 10 pages. I was constantly struggling to read words new to my vocabulary, needing to look up words, following complex sentence structure and struggling to remember the content. This really highlighted to me how poor my Afrikaans skills are. Your website, and many others like it, are a great starting point for people completely new to Afrikaans. However I need more advanced, textbook style resources. Are there any you can recommend for me? Or even a study pathway that would get me to being able to read/write at an advanced level? Textbooks entirely in Afrikaans would be preferred if possible. Thank you for any help, it is much appreciated.

    Kind Regards, Johannes

    • moonface says:


      Thanks for your kind comments.

      I’m someone with an interest in languages, but not an expert in any sense. As to learning vocabulary, I don’t think that there is an easy way to remember new words. I struggle with this. One possibility to make reading complex subjects flow more smoothly is to read books in Afrikaans which you have already read in English, or where you know the subject matter well. I’ve never come across any other way that works more efficiently (for me anyway).

      Good luck,


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