Learn the Greek Alphabet

You can learn the Greek phrases on SurfaceLanguages without knowing the Greek script as they are transliterated into the roman alphabet.

But the Greek alphabet isn't hard to learn and any transliteration is by its very nature imperfect.

The Greek alphabet

The Greek letter is followed by a close approximation from the roman alphabet and a word to illustrate the sound.

α a as in cat
β v as in voice
γ (before a,o,u) g as in bag
γ (before e and i) y as in yes
δ th as in this
ε e as in ten
ζ z as in zoo
η ee as in feet
θ th as in thick
ι ee as in feet
κ k as in king
λ l as in long
μ m as in man
ν n as in not
ξ x as in box
ο o as in on
π p as in party
ρ r as in red
σ s as in sit
ς s as in sit
τ t as in top
v ee as in feet
φ f as in fire
χ ch as in loch
ψ ps as in lapse
ω o as in on

The Greek alphabet. Letter Combinations

There are also combinations of letters which make a distinct sound when written together. Several of the letter combinations have more than one sound. The sound made depends on the position of the combination within the word.
αι e as in ten
ει ee as in feet
οι ee as in feet
ου oo as in moon
γγ ng as in england
γκ g as in go
μπ (in middle of word) mb as in slumber
μπ (at start of word) b as in bat
vτ (at start of word) d as in dog
vτ (in middle of word) nd as in bending