Surfacelanguages contains words, phrases and expressions in many different languages along with audio, flashcards and some language learning games.


The words and phrases you will find here (and there are thousands) cover many of the common situations that you are can encounter on holiday, travelling, or if you just want to break the ice with your neighbour ...

Surfacelanguages is a site celebrating the diversity of language and languages and the enjoyment of learning enough in many different languages rather than fluency in any particular one.

Having said that, there are for some languages, additional resources, such as the most commonly used French words or basic French nouns.

And more recently ...

... a very effective method of improving fluency and expanding vocabulary in a language is through learning sentences. Each language has around 500 sentences, audio and flashcards.

Afrikaans sentences
Bulgarian sentences
Italian sentences
Lithuanian sentences
Polish sentences
Romanian sentences
Russian sentences
Spanish sentences

And word games.


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Latest News

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Surface Languages is always being developed, expanded and changed. The most recent addition is sentences, where I aim to add thousands of sentences in many different languages. I've started with Polish, for reasons that might become apparent if you have a butchers at my blog.

My Blog for what may be added to SL in the future, and other musings,

Surface languages was set up by me, moon face, in 2009 and I have been developing it since then, as and when time permits.

I have the goal of adding phrases in all existing languages. Recognising that this is unrealistic as I want all phrases to include audio as well, I'll just carry on doing the best I can and seeing how far I can get in one lifetime :)

If you have any comments, suggestions, or kind words, drop me a line on Kind words.

I do my best to reply, but sometimes mail just disappears. So if you expect a reply, and don't get one, try contacting me again.