Italian Sentences

These Italian sentences were professionally translated and include audio.

But these ...

Well, over time, I've also collected (and am collecting) sentences which I've found useful for one reason or another, either to illustrate a point, a verb or maybe something that I say frequently.

As aside this a useful language learning strategy.

As these sentences are or have been interesting/useful to me at some time or another, this part of Surface Languages is always under development, and there may be mistakes in the sentences and phrases. If you find any, please let me know. Sometimes I've transcribed sentences when hearing them spoken, and that isn't always as precise as it should be.

These sentences may or may not be useful to you, and can be learnt in groups of ten or by the topics on the right.

Swearing in Italian

There are quite a few Italian swear words used in these sentences. I don't advocate swearing in any language in general, or Italian in particular.

However, if you want to understand a language well, you need to understand all types of language, and I have either heard or read all the parolaccie used in these sentences.

If you are easily offended, they might not be for you.

As an aside, this is a work in progress and over time am gradually tidying these sentences up, rearranging them, adding additional sentences and so on.