Italian language courses

You don't need to pay to become fluent in Italian. You don't need to buy a course. There are plenty of free Italian resources and courses on the internet and on this website.

Start with the Italian Phrases, try the Italian Crosswords and learn the Italian Sentences on Surface languages. These Italian resources are all free.

There are time when you might prefer a more structured approach.

ItalianPod101 is one of the best audio based language learning courses around, and particularly useful for beginners and intermediates.

There is a free trial. See what you think.


Reading is underrated as a method of language learning.

It can be difficult to find books that are suitable especially when you are at a high beginner to low intermediate level. You don't want anything too difficuly, but equally you don't want anything that is too easy.

The series Italian Short Stories For Beginners by Olly Richards is extremely good.

These stories are described (fairly I would say) as unconventional short stories to grow your vocabulary.


Glossika is method of improving your language by learning sentences, and retaining the sentences learnt using a spaced repetition system.

Depending on your learning style, it is useful with a couple of caveats. I bought the Italian version (some time ago) and there were numerous small mistakes. Quite possibly it has been updated by now. I don't know.

I also bought the Polish version. Sentences in Polish differ depending on whether a man or woman is speaking and whether a man or woman is being spoken to. (The same can apply in Italian, but much less frequently).

There is only one version of each sentence in Glossika. This isn't a problem as such but it is important to be aware of this.

These are not products for beginners, but I believe there is a free trial, and it is be worth trying and seeing whether or not it suits your learning style. Personally I prefer buying an audio book along with the written version.

Remember though, that these products are just tools around which you can structure your learning. It is up to you to take charge and do the hard work.