Polish nouns. Simplified

Nouns in Polish have cases and the word endings change depending on how the word is being used.

There are lots of rules and exceptions.

These are all ignored by this table, which in many cases gives an (aproximate) idea as to the case of a word, which you need to know to understand how sentences are constucted. This helps when starting to learn Polish.

Masculine (animate) Masculine Feminine Neuter
Nominative pan sok kawa wino
Accusative add a as nominative a to ę (kawę) as nominative (wino)
Genitive add a add u or a a to y (kawy) o to a (wina)
Instrumental em em ą em
Locative ym u u
Masculine (animate) Masculine Feminine Neuter
Nominative i y,i,e y,i,e i,y
Accusative ów as Nominative as Nominative as Nominative
Genitive ów ów Drop a or i Drop o, e, ie
Dative om om om om
Instrumental ami ami ami ami
Locative ach ach ach ach